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Vent Covers for Oddly Located Vents

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Most of the time, HVAC vents are placed in an inconspicuous location. Unfortunately, sometimes they are completely in the way, and you are constantly tripping over them, hitting them with the vacuum cleaner, or are otherwise annoyed with the oddly located vents. The good news is that there is a solution. Instead of the standard vent covers you have that are probably metal or plastic and stick up, consider custom vent covers that are flush and are beautifully designed besides.

Vent Covers for Oddly Located Vents

Your custom flush vent covers can be as simple or as complex as you desire when you work with a custom fabricator who can make your idea of a customized pattern a reality. When you have oddly located vents that are highly visible, it makes sense to make them as beautiful as possible. It isn’t just vents that are in the middle of a room that can benefit from flush vent covers. If you have one that happens to be right where a sofa leg sits or something else is placed there that ends up rocking because it cannot sit flat, you’ll love getting flush vent covers to remedy that problem.

Custom vent covers are a great idea for homeowners, but they are also something that flooring contractors should consider offering to their clients. By offering this beautiful final touch to your projects, you’ll demonstrate your desire to provide top-notch service to your clients. HVAC companies that offer duct cleaning services could also recommend custom vent covers to those customers who have unappealing vent covers.

If you are a homeowner, flooring contractor, or HVAC contractor in Ontario and need a reliable source for high-quality custom vent covers, reach out to us at Ventizmo. We have a collection of redesigned vent covers and can create a customized pattern if desired.