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Reasons to Go with Custom Vent Covers

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There are many opportunities to step away from standard options when renovating your home. Custom vent covers may not seem like a major decision, but it might surprise you how many reasons there are to go that route either as a standalone project or in conjunction with new hardwood or laminate flooring.

Reasons to Go with Custom Vent Covers

Here are some reasons to go with custom vent covers that you might not have thought about:

  • Nonstandard vent size- If your vents are not a standard size, you might struggle to even find a replacement if yours becomes damaged or you change your flooring and it doesn’t match. Custom vent covers can be fabricated to the exact measurements you need.
  • Raised vent cover is a trip hazard- While most vents are placed out of the way, some aren’t and can pose a trip hazard or otherwise be in the way. Flush custom vent covers are the solution!
  • Desire for customized appearance- If you want something out of the ordinary, you won’t find it in the mass-produced market. Custom vent covers will give you full latitude to be as creative as you wish for a customized appearance.
  • Create finished look for hardwood flooring project- Hardwood delivers a luxurious result and you don’t want to detract from that by using your old, ordinary vent covers.
  • Impress your clients- Whether you are a business and want to impress clients who come to your office, or you are a flooring company that wants to offer your clients something unique, you can’t go wrong with custom vent covers.
  • Match your décor- If you have a reoccurring pattern in your décor, you can continue it into your custom vent covers for a result that even an interior designer would approve.

If any of these or perhaps something else comes to mind as to why custom vent covers would be the perfect solution for your situation, reach out to us at Ventizmo. We have a variety of designs available, and we are happy to work with you to create something unique.