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How to Deal with Tarnished or Damaged Floor Vents

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Traditional floor vents do not stand up very well and can look unsightly after a while. You can’t just eliminate them as they protect your duct system from getting filled up with things that could block airflow. What you can do is replace them, but there is a better solution than going with the same style that doesn’t look very appealing and gets tarnished easily. Custom wood floor vents have the advantage of looking even better when first installed and remaining nice for a long time to come.

How to Deal with Tarnished or Damaged Floor Vents

Custom floor vents can be crafted to blend perfectly with your solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate flooring. You can even have a design incorporated that creates a fun appearance that fits your personal preferences or room décor. You can also go with a flush mount that doesn’t get in the way when you are cleaning your floors and provides a smooth appearance.

Replacing floor vents can be done when installing new flooring or anytime after the fact. If you are a flooring contractor, offering custom floor vents as part of the project will set you apart from the competition. You’ll have demonstrated to your clients that you want to provide them the ultimate appearance and luxurious result that they deserve right down to the smallest details.

If you are a homeowner or a contractor in Ontario and would like to learn more about custom floor vents, reach out to us at Ventizmo. All our floor vents are custom crafted to ensure a perfect fit and the style you or your clients desire. We have developed several design styles, and we offer the opportunity for you to create a custom design, if desired.