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About Ventizmo, Ontario

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Our company is dedicated to creating beautiful and functional custom floor vents.

When you have spent more than 25 years crafting custom woodwork solutions in Ontario, you learn a thing or two about the receptiveness and desires of area homeowners and contractors serving The Blue Mountains area. When our owners came to the realization that some of their specialty products were quickly becoming a high-demand item for flooring enhancement, they established Ventizmo to answer that call.

About Ventizmo, Ontario

While our parent company, McMillan Millwork & Joinery, still handles other custom woodworking projects, this one is dedicated to creating custom floor vents, custom stair treads, and custom floor nosing for homeowners and flooring contractors. Mass-produced products on the market often detract from the beauty of a new laminate, hardwood, engineered hardwood, or luxury vinyl floor. They don’t match, fit right, or lay flush, so they always look like an afterthought. With our custom products made to your exact specifications, you can get the finished look your project deserves.

Whether you choose from the designs we have already created or you opt for a customized pattern, your floor vents will be custom crafted to fit your vent openings perfectly. You can go as simple or as ornate as you like, so your imagination is your only limitation for the decorative floor vents you’ll ultimately enjoy. The quality of our workmanship ensures you’ll be enjoying them for years to come.

If the investment you have made in your flooring deserves the added touch of modern, high-quality custom floor vents, reach out to us to discuss the style that will best complement your flooring.